Swindon Motorcycle Action Group


Swindon MAG currently has no regular meeting. If you are interested in finding out more about Swindon MAG, please email the

You can find out more about Western Region MAG here

Direct Debit for Membership fees

You can now join or renew your MAG membership by Direct Debit.

This save us money and time at Central Office as Direct Debits are much easier to process than manual payments or Standing Orders. In addition, we save on setup fees in the first six months of this DD scheme, so please sign up for Direct Debit even if your renewal is not due in the next six months. We won't take your membership fee until it is due, but you save MAG-UK money which can be spent on Rider's Rights instead of bank charges.

We hope to have online DD facilities at some point, but for now you can download one of these forms:


(the first link has all the info on 1 sheet, the second is over 2 sheets - use whichever one you like)

Send your completed form to:

PO Box 750
CV34 9FU